Feedly iOS App Tutorial

Set up your account

Note: you can set up your account at http://feedly.com in your desktop browser and still log into that same account on your mobile device. These instructions are for setting up your account once you have installed the Feedly App on your Android device.

The Feedly App will let you start by collecting feeds or by setting up your account – start with the account by selecting ‘CREATE YOUR FEEDLY’.

You can set up your account through Google or Facebook. To make a stand-alone account, select ‘Continue with Feedly’.

Enter your name, email address and password and select ‘CREATE MY ACCOUNT’.

Add some feeds

Swipe up to add feeds.

Select the search icon to find some feeds. I’ve searched for ‘downes.ca’. The relevant feed is second from the top.

Select the ‘+’ symbol to add the feed to your Feedly.

Create a collection and add your feed to it.

Now you’ll see items from your feed listed on your Feedly.

When you select your feed, you can select the title of any single item to read it in Feedly.

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